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8 Sex Positions To Try ASAP

By: Sam Pirson , February 14, 2023

While the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may make sense for home repairs, there are plenty of areas of your life that can always afford constant tweaking, adjustment and a desire for improvement, and sex is one of them. Sure, if you have a few tried and true methods that work for everyone involved it’s easy to play it safe by never straying too far from those positions that make you orgasm easily, but curiosity and discovering new ways for pleasure is not worth leaving by the wayside to climax the same way you always do.


Proctology surgery group, Bespoke Surgery recently released statistics on the most popular position by sexual orientation. According to the numbers, 26% of heterosexual people favor doggy style, while 21% of bisexuals prefer missionary. Lotus position holds the top spot for 22% of homosexual people. For men and women of every sexual orientation cowgirl/cowboy and the reverse, doggy style and missionary all fell somewhere in the top five favorite sex positions.


While these are consistent if nothing else, there are so many good positions to try with a partner.

New Positions For New Ways To Orgasm

Even if your sex life is working just fine, there’s always space for exploration and improvement, whether that’s new ways to make her squirt, hit the g-spot or milk the prostate. Feeling better together in bed will ultimately make for a better connection out of bed and simply feeling better in your day to day. Try these eight best sex positions to break up the monotony and improve your sex life.

Stand and Deliver

Also known as the “The Bicycle,” “Stand and Deliver” is when the woman is laying flat on the bed or other high surface and the man is standing. She pulls her knees towards her chest for him to enter her. 


The man can put his hands on her ankles or the back of her knees and thighs. Both the man and the woman have access to stimulate her clitoris, and this position offers a great view of his penis inside of her. Her feet can be on his chest, her heels can be up on his shoulders or it can be a combination of both. This is also a great position to milk the prostate if the receiving partner is a man too. 


A variation of this sex position is called “X Marks the Spot.” The woman crosses her legs at her ankles or her knees and can really alter the pressure depending on how tightly she crosses or flexes her legs. 


This sex position is also good for men with extra large penises to prevent discomfort of their partner because the woman can press back on his chest with her feet if it becomes too much.

The Pretzel

“The Pretzel,” also known as “The Pretzel Dip” or “Camel Ride” is a hot sex position to try for deep penetration of “Doggy” and the eye contact of “Missionary.” The woman is on her side. For the sake of explaining, we’ll say her right side. The man is on his knees straddling her right leg while her left leg is hooked around his waist, allowing him to thrust deep into her as her left leg bends toward her chest. 


This position is good for penises that may be a little shorter, and it allows the partner laying down to avoid any difficulties that “Doggy” may put on her back or knees. 


It also offers each partner access to stimulate the clit with their fingers, or the man can use the head of his penis to do so before sliding back in.

Open-Legged Spoon

While “Spooning” is a very normal – and often very lazy, yet effective – position, a few adjustments can really spice up this classic. By the little spoon partner opening her knees and even wrapping the top leg back behind the big spoons leg, not only is there a lot of access to the clitoris for all parties’ hands, it’s great for deep penetration and hitting all around the female g-spot. 


Additionally, there are so many options for the big spoon’s hands and arms that makes this top 8 best sexual position to try. Both hands can grip her waist, he can spank or grab her ass, have one hand on her waist and the other on the ankle of the leg wrapped around him or have his bottom arm under her to wrap around her neck or reach her breasts. This position offers access to a lot of stimulation and pleasure for women, and it’s a great sex position for pregnant women.

The Sphinx

A little more challenging than the others on this list so far, “The Sphinx” great for rear-entry intercourse – both vaginal and anal. The front partner puts the majority of their weight on their hands and straightened arms with their pelvis very close to the bed because one leg is stretched out and the other is bent. It also may be easier to be on both knees, just very wide spread out like a frog. 


The behind partner also puts his weight on his hands and arms putting optimal pressure on the female g-spot. You might even make her squirt with this one!

Seated Scissor

A variation of “Reverse Cowgirl,” the seated scissor is a fun sex position for women that like to be in control and on top, and it offers her companion a great view. 


He is flat on his back with one leg straight out and the other knee bent up. The rider can lean on this leg that’s up to arch her back, to give that great view and inviting him to put those free hands to use gripping her hips and butt or grabbing her ankles and feet.

Butter Churner

On the more dynamic spectrum of sex positions, “The Butter Churner” is likely not an everyday position and not for everyone but it’s a different sex position to try nonetheless. The woman is essentially upside down with most of her weight on her shoulders. This can be accomplished by leaning her back and lower body against the side of the bed for support with her shoulders on the floor. 


Then, he squats over her to enter her pointing his penis straight down into her. Similar to “The Pretzel,” he can also rub or tap the head of his penis on her clitoris between thrusting into her. Without her leaning on the bed, he can also offer support by holding her upright in that upside down position by her hips and lower back. 


This is great for athletic people or those into yoga. The rush of blood to the receiving partner’s head is comparable to being in an inverted yoga pose and said to add to the pleasure.

The Cross

A great position for lazy lovers, “The Cross” is one of the best positions for couples that are horny, tired and still want to get it in. 

Both of you are laying down for this one. He is on his side and she is on her back situated in a T position. She can have her knees up and over his body or opened up with one by his shoulder and the other stretched out towards his feet. Both of you can reach her clitoris and he can grab her breasts easily from here with minimal effort. 

Give her a little extra leverage by making it so she can reach the wall or bedframe over her head.

Ballet Dancer

Also known as the “Three Legged Dog,” both partners are standing up and facing each other for this position. The woman has one leg up. This can be held up by him under her knee, hooked over his hip or around his waist, or up over his shoulder for the extra flexible people with great balance. 


For some help, the woman can lean against a wall and if you’re by a door, use the door knob as leverage or a foot rest. 


This is very intimate and allows for making out, being chest to chest and hands to be everywhere from the breasts to necks and grabbing ass.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let sex be one of those places you fall into the same ten minute routine for. You can keep the classics in the rotation, but make sure to add these interesting sex positions to your repertoire. Find partners to share and try out these fun new sex positions on

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