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What Men Can Do to Make Their Orgasms Even Better!

By: Sam Pirson , February 14, 2022

Do you feel performance anxiety? Or want to be one of the longer orgasm men? You are not alone! A 2019 study in France shows that 46% of men are obsessed with women’s orgasms during sex while 41% care about it strongly. Considering the amount of limelight that the lack of women satisfaction gets, feeling performance conscious is typical for men. Many women think men either are great in sex or have erectile dysfunction. However, these are two extremes with many in-betweens that hardly get discussed. Women do not know that men have varying qualities of orgasms that are affected by several factors. It is why the performance of a man is not the same always during sex. However, there is nothing to worry about because we have 15 tips that can cause an intense male orgasm every time.

How To Improve Sex Life & Improve Men's Orgasm?

  1. Edging

    – When looking for an answer to how to have an intense orgasm men, you will find edging as a common solution. However, it works for both genders. The practice involves you coming to the brink of an orgasm but not getting a release. Instead, you start over. Doing this a few times indeed builds frustration before causing an earth-shattering release. Thus, it does not matter who causes it; edging can be highly satisfying for both partners. Moreover, it is a technique men can use to last longer. Therefore, all you have to do is come to the edge and start again.
  2. Kegel Exercise

    – Kegel exercises can be your answer to how to make male orgasm feel better. They help strengthen pelvic bones in both genders, which besides helping having increased control over the bladder, makes orgasm more pleasurable. Simultaneously it helps you with edging too. So if you are ready, begin contracting your pelvic region. No, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Try what you would do to stop peeing or hold your pee when there is pressure. The action contracts your pelvic muscles, making them stronger in time. Process: Flex the muscles and move your penis up without touching it. Count to three before relaxing and repeating it ten times. Do the set of ten four to five times a day. Since it is easy to do and does not require any prep up, you can set up reminders on your phone and do it even while at work. Why won’t you when a simple exercise can list you up as intense orgasm men!
  3. Prostate Massage

    – Prostate massage is known to improve ejaculation and overall sexual performance. Nevertheless, you need to lose your fear of anal if you want to do it. No, we are not talking about you inserting your penis in your girlfriend or wife’s anus! Instead, it is you who needs to open up. However, inserting a finger can be a little risky considering the sensitivity of the place. Thus, you can insert yours or ask your partner to do it for you but be careful with your nails. While using gloves can be a safer option, do not forget to add lubrication. However, the best orgasm for men using this technique requires an anal plug with a thicker base. In addition, it would add gentle pressure to your prostate since the organ is located near the base of your rectum while you have sex or masturbate.
  1. Perineum Pressure

    – If you are looking for answers to how to have the best orgasm for men, you should be aware of all the sensitive spots in a man’s body. Being educated about the spots gives options to experiment comfortably. One such spot is the perineum which is also known as the taint. It is the area in between your anus and testes. Being a tiny space full of nerve endings makes it a tickling spot. Nevertheless, the tickle turns into something else when your taint is pressed when you are turned on. If you are masturbating, you can touch that area yourself. However, the best results occur when your partner touches the area like a soft massage while giving you a bj.
  2. Massage The Testes

    – Another sensitive spot that comes as an answer to how to get best orgasm for men is the testes. The home to all your sperms is indeed a sensitive spot. However, it is not untouchable. Gentle pressure on the balls is a common practice of intense orgasm men during a BJ. You can rub them yourself while having sex. Moreover, while comparing your sex life with porn is a harmful sex practice, learning sack massage from them is not such a bad idea.
  3. Increase Your Testosterone

    – Testosterone boosts orgasms in a male body, so boosting the release of the hormone in the blood can improve men’s orgasm. While you can have supplements, there are other ways to trigger its release as well. For example, watching sports, intense thrillers, and exercising can help you get the desired orgasm.
  1. Breathe

    – Time and again, you must remind yourself that stress and anxiety come in the way of an intense male orgasm. Learn to breathe, relax, and enjoy the process for a good orgasm. Tantric sex recommends breathing, especially when at the edge. Since the breathing and heart rate becomes rapid, slow movements and deeper breaths increase oxygen and blood flow to your genitals. Result? A never before experienced orgasm!
  2. Make Noise

    – Drop the belief that moans are only for women right now. You do not have to scream, but silent sex is not as pleasurable as the alternative. That is right, behind the closed doors, do not stop yourself from letting your expression and feelings flow with grunts, noisy exhalations, or moans. Try it once – sex feels different when noisy. Finally, being expressive with sounds helps your partner understand what you like and do not.
  3. Try Toys- Cock Rings, Vibrators, Anal Plugs

    – Incorporating sex toys can be extremely pleasurable. However, we are talking about men’s sex toys that can help with orgasm, not the ones you need for satisfaction when alone. Penis rings are easily available online and come in different sizes and types. Find a suitable one that fits your base tightly. You may also choose from those that vibrate and give your balls a massage. The variety of sex toys available for men that help better orgasms men with longer-lasting erections is amazing. Sex with a vibrating cock ring that massages both your member and balls, along with an anal plug inserted to push your prostate, can take you to heaven.
  1. Explore New Positions & Partners

    – Poor performance and bad orgasms can have many reasons. Trying new things can remove redundancy from your sex life and make it exciting. Some sex positions are more pleasurable than others, and you will only know them when you try. However, the reason could also be the partner. In that case, meet people that like to hook up. Chances are you know when redundancy or lack of excitement is the reason stopping you from being one of the longer orgasm men.
  2. Out Of The Bedroom Sex

    – Another way to add excitement to your regular sex is by taking it out of the bedroom. You can try the shower, couch, kitchen, or make things kinky and try the balcony or public places. Using toys in public places increases excitement, which shoots the blood rush straight to your genitals.
  1. Experiment With Fantasies

    – Write down your fantasies and try them. If it is a kind of partner, hook up with the one that fits your fantasy well. However, if it is a situation, try role-playing. Talk to your partner or find one who would like to experiment with you, and it is not difficult to find like-minded people online. The anticipation of fulfilling a fantasy generally causes the best orgasm for men.
  2. Try Sex Apps For Couples For Couple Activities

    – Couple activities and sex therapies are in trend now. You can go for a couple’s vacation/retreat, try partner sex, or download an app for couples to spice up things. The activities are designed to increase body touches and cuddles, transforming into foreplay. Moreover, let’s not forget that foreplays cause longer-lasting orgasms.
  3. Introduce A Fitness Routine

    – A study proves that men who exercise show enhanced sexual behavior. It is because exercise can improve sex in many ways. For example, it improves your stamina and overall reproductive health. Exercising also releases testosterone that ensures the best orgasm for men. However, there is more to the story. Believe it or not, a fitter body makes you feel sexier when you start getting increased attention. The boost in confidence and stamina helps you regularly reach an intense male orgasm.
  1. Experiment With Fantasies– Let’s not forget that your penis and testes are organs, parts of your body that must be healthy to perform better. A major contributing factor in maintaining the health of your body parts is proper food intake. Hence, even if it may seem a little unbelievable, diet plays a role in improving sexual health and life. What to eat? Greens are the answer to all your problems. If only you could remember your mum’s words. However, it is never too late, and you can start inducing more cabbage, spinach, kale to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Spinach, rich in iron, is excellent for blood circulation and helps with a longer-lasting erection. Meanwhile, fresh greens are rich in folate, which helps in cell functioning and red blood cells formation helps maintain overall reproductive health. Furthermore, eggs help reduce stress and anxiety besides increasing sexual libido, thereby ensuring better orgasm men. Also, add more whole grains and oats to your diet. They increase the level of testosterone in the body, which causes intense orgasms.
Final Thoughts

The intensity of a male orgasm may vary for different reasons. Hence, saying which tip will work best is difficult. Depending on the reason, the situation, and body, one tip may work better than the other. The best way to know which works for you the best is by trying. Sign up with the dating app Instabang to find a hot hookup partner for experimenting with the tips and experience an intense male orgasm right away!

You deserve to find who you’re looking for!
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