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Everything You Need to Know About the G Spot

By: Sam Pirson , May 14, 2022
Men and women differ in their perception of sex and have different needs in terms of sexual intercourse itself. Even more, the generalization would be a mistake as various people of any gender have various needs. For a very long time, female satisfaction and orgasm were more like mythical creatures, someone believed in, and others didn’t. Likely, we pay attention now and know that with a female body, things might be complicated. That’s why everybody was so excited when the G spot was introduced. Suddenly, everyone wants to know how to find the G spot, being sure it’s everything you need to make a woman experience orgasm.
But is it really so? There are a lot of questions popping up around the subject. Many women who were reading about “how to hit your g spot” and tried to follow the instructions in the articles were disappointed as it seemed nowhere to be found. Human anatomy is tricky, and there are few chances you can find the same spot in the same place in different bodies. However, there’s a lot of useful information to learn regarding where is the g spot located and how to find the g spot in a female body.

So, what is it, and where is the G spot located?

When it was first introduced, the G-Spot was described as a small area inside a vagina, presumably 5-8 cm up the front of the vaginal wall. The spot was pronounced erogenous and a very helpful measure of having the best sex when stimulated. Sure, the news was exciting for both men and women, the latter eager to learn “how to find your g spot.” Can you really find that one spot and experience a mind-blowing orgasm just hitting it right? Turned out that things were not that simple.
Though many women enjoy stimulation in the area, further exploration has shown there is not one such place in every female body. What researchers thought was a G-spot appeared more likely to be the sensitive part of a clitoral network, and its placement is as individual as genitalia forms and sizes. In fact, even after the G-spot was kind of “discovered,” the percentage of women capable of reaching vaginal orgasm without any other stimulation than penetration has not increased. So, do you really need to know where is the g spot to have wonderful sex?
Probably, no. Now, when we know a lot about our bodies, we understand the importance of foreplay and clear communication. We are able to voice our desires; even more, this is considered a good lover’s attribute. If you still want to check, if you can find gspot in your own body or in your partner’s vagina, go for it, as, well, the process will be quite pleasant itself.
The great advice here is to not concentrate on the G-spot only. Try everything that comes to mind regarding sexual stimulation, and you will be surprised by the response. Also, don’t forget about the mind, as proper arousal can come from it. Try role-playing, dirty talks, light dom-sub games, and it might appear you don’t even need that spot to have the best sex of your life.

Wonder how to reach your G spot? Read more!

As the location of the G-spot or area is unique in every body, you’ll need to conduct some research to know where’s the g spot. Whether it is real or not as a certain spot, you will likely find that sensitive area that can help you have a better sex life. So, what are the steps to take?
You can try to find it yourself or ask your partner to help you, and there are several ways to do it. But first, you need to remember that full arousal and proper lubrication are the keys to success. When this is achieved, start exploring in a way that seems suitable for you.
  • Use a finger

How to reach your g spot with a finger? Put some lube on your or your partner’s finger and gently slide it into your vagina. Let it move on the front wall of it and listen to your sensations. A light massage of the hypogastrium area might help, as well as a thorough examination of the insides, because you may find more than you expect. Empty your bladder before you start, as when you find the spot and stimulate it, it may seem like you want to pee; the spot is known for that effect. However, the arousal will make the filling less intense when the spot is stimulated to the needed level.

  • Try to find it during intercourse

Your partner would surely get excited when you say you want to know how to find gspot. You may try to find it during sex, using poses that are most suitable for the stimulation of the front wall of your vagina. A missionary pose, though boring for some people, can help with that, as it provides an opportunity for the man to set the needed angle of penetration. Another helpful position is when the woman is on top. This gives her more control, and she is able to set the angle and the rhythm she is comfortable with.

  • Use toys

A dildo of perfect size might help as well because it’s easier to control the angle and pressure. What we mean by speaking of a perfect size here is that it must not be very thick and too long.  You just don’t need the monstrous tool to look for a G-spot. Put the impressive one aside and take one that is two-fingers thick and approximately 3 inches long; that should be enough.

How to stimulate the G-spot when you find it? The most known way is to hit it gently with a kind of “come here” motion by the finger. With the fingering being a well-appreciated part of the foreplay, that is a good start for satisfying intercourse. When the woman is fully aroused by the stimulation, the general sensitivity increases, and sex is more pleasurable and hotter.

So, what is the g spot, and is it really a thing? Do you need to necessarily find it to have earthshattering orgasms and satisfying sex life in general? Recent studies intended to find it came up with nothing useful regarding the matter, and though the concept is very enticing, we still don’t have an ironclad proof that there’s a magic button in every woman’s body. The good news is, even if you don’t have this particular one, you certainly have lots of others. Our bodies give us multiple ways to experience pleasure, and you just need to find your special one. Exploring the area is quite pleasant itself, so why not try to look for your best options and learn to speak about it? When you are ready to meet people that like to hook up, this information will help you get all the possible fun from your dates. It is easy to have good sex with a partner who already knows your favorite way to have it, but it doesn’t mean your first sex with somebody should be a disappointing experience. Know your own path to pleasure and be able to mark the lands for whoever tries to deliver it to you.

Final Thoughts

Sex is one of the best things we have. Many people are obsessed with it, looking for more and more ways to have fun in bed (or everywhere else). The more we know about it, the more it is obvious how individual and unique our preferences might be. The human body is a miracle, and exploring it is so exciting and engaging.
Constant attempts to find something that will work for all, at least within the same-sex representatives, are just partly successful. With people being so different physically and psychologically, we’re likely never to find that one certain way to give pleasure to anyone. G-spot appeared as one of those unicorns people want to believe and find, but it looks like when you try, it appears something different, if even existent. Though many women are responsive to the stimulation of the area the spot is probably located, it proved impossible to collect enough data to unhesitatingly put the G-spot on the anatomic atlas.
Is it bad news? Not at all! Women have plenty of other sensitive spots in their bodies, not even necessary in their groin area. Breasts are highly sensitive, as well as ears and neck. Though a woman would hardly come from just these areas of stimulation, a combined approach will definitely boost the chances. Some women confirm achieving orgasm from the G-spot hitting while having intercourse, but a moderate 18 percent of women are able to have an orgasm from mere penetration. That’s why the G-spot is not an answer in most cases, and you just need to know your body well to understand your own formula of orgasm.
The more experience you get, the more likely your sex will be satisfying, and the right compatible partner can add hugely to it. That’s why a lot of experimenting will benefit your sexual life, introducing you to all the pleasure your body is capable of giving to you.
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