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Top 17 Sex Tips You Need To Know: Make Your Sexual Life Better

By: Sam Pirson , March 22, 2022
It is a fact that everybody wants a fulfilling sex life and maybe some tips on how to make sex feel better. The thrill and joy that come with it are mind-blowing. Sex can happen in many contexts. Some do it for pleasure, others for procreation and many other reasons.
Regardless of the reasons, we can all agree that everyone is in it to have a good time and experience. However, as much as it is fascinating, some people find it hard to get a fulfilling sex experience.
Would you like to spice things up in your sex life? You must be thinking of all the wildest things you could do. Well, this article will guide you into the deepest pits of tips on how to make sex life feel better – keep reading.

How to improve sex life

Having a clear understanding of what better sex is, let us delve into the main part of the article. The following are some of the tips to make your sexual life better:
  1. Communication Communication might be the answer on how to improve sexual life. Being vocal with what you want during sex will help your partner know what to give to you. Stating your preference and what excites you most is essential during sex.

    If you cannot speak up on what you want, you cannot get it considering that your partner is not a mind reader or something of that sort. However, you have to be considerate with your needs and expectations during sex to keep them under pressure which could be detrimental, as discussed later. Be the reason why your partner loves sex by communicating.

  1. Go heavy on foreplay. When discussing sex tips for better sex, foreplay has to be mentioned. There is joy in anticipation, which is a nice foreplay session does. However, nothing is as helpful as good foreplay –you cannot exhaust its benefits. They range from knowing your partner’s body and weak spots that you have to exploit to give them a better sex experience.

    The most important part is that it prepares your body for actual sex. The body releases lubricants, especially for the ladies, to have a smooth experience. Also, enough feel-good hormones are released during this session. All this is a stage you should never miss unless you have a quickie.

  2. Create the sexual tension A great tip on how to have better sex is foreplay. Nothing beats anticipation, trust me. Using this to your advantage, you can have a well and satisfying sex life. Send your partner sexual hints during the day if you have them later. Build the tension beforehand.

    Let your partner wallow in the thoughts of having you later in the day. It will help not only your sexual life but also your social life. It is so because you will be in a good mood for the better part of the day hence being productive. Thus, to make your sex life better, make your partner look forward to it.

  3. Take your time Another tip for better sex is taking your time when on it. One cannot emphasize this more. Good things take time, and the feelings should be mutual. Make your partner want you as bad as you want them. Please do not rush into things as you go on about it.

    This aspect applies to both foreplay and during the actual love-making session. Please do not rush the experience and enjoy every moment of it. Instead, tease your significant other on what is about to come their way. It creates a craving that makes the actual sex as pleasurable as you will ever experience.

  4. Understand your partner If you want to know how to have better sex, understand your partner. Many people might be having a painful sexual experience because they do not understand their partners. Being in a sexual relationship with someone means understanding their limits and how far they can go. Some people may have underlying conditions that inhibit them from performing as much as they would want. This trait also goes with understanding their capacity. Reaching an understanding and coming up with lasting solutions will help each other have a better sex life experience.
    1. Be open-minded about trying out new things.They say normal is boring and to be frank, that is quite true. To have a better sexual experience, one has to spice things up a little. Break away from the usual tradition and think of how to make sex better for both of us. Sex life is like a whole new world that people need to explore. One may try out new positions and find out which brings them the utmost pleasure. The point is that be open-minded about trying new things. It may add some excitement to your already happy life with your partner. So, go ahead and try that thing you have wanted to try out for a long time.
    2. Use sex toys. Want a nail-biting experience? Why don’t you try out sex toys? It is the best tip for better sex. Trust me, they never disappoint. Sex toys have been found to improve the sex life of people significantly. This is because they help understand one’s body and their most erogenous spots.Couples can use this information to communicate to their partner exactly what they want and how they want it. Then, as if that is not enough, they can be used with your partner. They can use them during foreplay, during the game, or after. They are also used when your partner has climaxed, and you two want to get back for another round.
    3. Just relax Nothing kills a mood like going into sex while you are stressed and not focused on making sex better. It is an experience you would want to forget, trust me. Stress reduces sex hormones for both women and men. Reduced hormones mean that you would not be able to satisfy your partner or yourself, for that matter.So, if you go in for it while you are stressed, you might as well as not go for it in the first place. Additionally, stress can cause major damage to your sex life by bringing conditions like erectile dysfunction. So you might want to have a clear mind before and after a sex experience if you want to have a nice experience.
    4. Take care of your body. Taking care of your body sticks out a mile in helping as one of the ways to improve your sex life. As much as sex is an exercise in itself, one needs to work out to keep fit and boost stamina. In addition, exercising helps boost one level of testosterone and progesterone for men and women, respectively.These hormones are vital in one’s sex life as they are the ones that give the pleasurable feeling during sex. However, one does not need to hit the gym daily. Simple exercises are enough to keep your body in shape. Some jogging and aerobics will do.
    5. Use lubrication One of the ways to improve your sex life is using lubrication. No one wants to feel sore and have bruises after sex. The body can produce its lubrication, and sometimes it is never enough. You can improve and have a better sex life experience by owning a lubricant.A smooth experience is a goal, and everyone wants that. Injuries that occur during sex are usually a result of the vagina producing less lubrication. These injuries may result from hormonal change or an underlying condition, so a lubricant should always be around, just in case.
    6. Do Kegels exercisesOne of the tips for better sex life is Kegels exercises. It is a no-brainer that premature ejaculation affects many individuals and consequently many relationships. To have a happy relationship amidst this, embrace Kegel exercises. This Kegel is an exercise that strengthens your pelvic muscles so that you may be able to hold and delay your ejaculation. In addition, it helped relax the vaginal floor and enhance blood flow in the area for ladies. To do this, one has to tighten and relax their pelvic muscles just as you would while stopping urine midstream. Do this around ten times a day, and the results will amaze you. In addition, it will help you have better control of your ejaculations.
    7. Be vocal during sexUsing sound to express your feelings helps you enjoy sex more and improve your sex life. Statistics say that one’s sound even acts as arousal to themselves. Also, encourage your partner to be vocal during sex so that both of you may enjoy it. Saying sweet things to your partner in between sex also makes sex even more exciting. Moaning is highly encouraging as it communicates to your partner how well they are making you feel. So do not be afraid to use it. As earlier said, communication during sex is vital, and using sounds is the best way to communicate how you feel.
    8. Get to know yourself more. The best tip for better sex is that one has to know what works better for them. You can do this with your partner or even during masturbation. Getting to know yourself and being informed will help you communicate with your partner.It involves knowing your most fantastic pleasure points so that you may exploit them later with your partner. Finally, doing sexual research may help you boost your sex life a great deal.
    9. Direct your partner If you are thinking of improving your sexual life, why not try directing him. For example, when your partner is either down on you or you, they might want to move when you are just starting to receive the mind-blowing orgasm.Directing them back or even directing them to where you feel more pleasure will give you the best sex ever. Consider it as the captain of your feelings.
    10. Make out To have a happy sexual life, a person has to find nonsexual forms of intimacy with their partner. It is a tip for better sex that most people ignore. A simple make-out session with your partner can boost your sex experience.A sexual experience does not have to be purely coitus. Explore other forms of sexual gratification with your partner.
    11. Talk to a therapist If you have failed to establish a happy, meaningful sexual life, why not try out a sex therapist to advise on how to improve your sex life. Therapists are usually the best in tapping out our innermost potential of what we can do. They may change your perspective and advise you accordingly. It will boost your sex life by a mile.
    12. See a doctor
Having tales about all these best sex tips for better sex, you should see a doctor if you have an underlying condition that inhibits you from having a happy sexual life. The doctor may prescribe you medication to help you get back in the game much happier, confident, and satisfied. You may even take your partner with you if you both have a problem.

Final thoughts

All of us want to be in happier sexual lives. To achieve this, we must work on ourselves and our partners. There is a whole world of sexual experience out there waiting for you to delve in and share with your partner. The above tips for better sex can make you tap into that world and have a happy and fulfilling sexual life. Sex is a beautiful thing for one to be sad about, and what has been discussed in this article will ensure you are not. Instead, you and your partner can experience a sex life like no other. Furthermore, if you do not have a significant other, why don’t you try using a hookup site for adult dating?
You deserve to find who you’re looking for!
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