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How to Stimulate the G Spot + Best Positions

By: Sam Pirson , April 27, 2022
The G-spot is a hot point of discussion when it comes to sex. Though the idea has been around for a while, the actual spot is still the biggest question regarding a female body. Is it really there, or is it just hope for a sure button to get the pleasure? While researchers perform new studies, we still don’t have an answer. More to add, there are discussions about how to effectively stimulate the male G spot, which poses even more questions to be answered.
In this article, we’ll try to reveal some useful information about positions to hit the G spot and if it is a sure way to make sex significantly better. But first, let’s clear up what that legendary G-spot really is.
The mere concept appeared in the late 40-s, described by the German physician Ernst Gräfenberg, who described it as a highly erogenous area in a vagina, presumably located somewhere on the inside of the front vaginal wall. The location of the spot is 5-7 centimeters up from the opening, though it might vary in various bodies. The exact location is hard to spot; that is why you need to do some research to indicate that special place in your body.
In 2018, a study was conducted to prove the existence of the G-spot. More than 300 healthy sexually women participated, and the results were encouraging. 51.1% of the participants were able to indicate the G-spot in their bodies, which was quite a success. The thing is, we still don’t know much about it, as well as can’t surely state that every woman has it. Nevertheless, with this percentage, it is nice to know some sensitive areas can help, presumably, half of women have guaranteed orgasms.
Talking about the male G-spot, also called the P-spot (where P stands for prostate), it’s much easier to locate, as every man has the gland, and it is walnut-sized. In terms of stimulation, there’s nothing too complicated: you find it, and you hit it to have a mind-blowing orgasm. You can even learn how to stimulate the G spot from the outside, which can add to your sexual life and bring some fresh experience to it. However, in this article, we will talk mostly about a female G-spot, as this unicorn is not even proven to be real yet.
When we talk about finding a G-spot in a female body, we mean finding the most sensitive area in the vagina. Though some describe it as a spongy tissue with a certain spot being the most erogenous, for many women, it’s more like just a part of a clitoris system, which location is very individual as well. Nevertheless, whatever it may be, if it helps have a better sex life, let’s find it and use it for stunning sex or self-satisfaction!

How to Hit It Right?

The answer won’t be different whether you need to know how to stimulate the male G spot or female G spot. You hit it right, and have fun. But what to hit it with?
You have some options here, with the most obvious being your own fingers. Remember to cut your nails and acquire some quality lubrication for the process so you won’t hurt yourself. If you want to know how to stimulate your g spot right, be sure to do some research to understand how it works. To find it in a female body, a woman should be fully aroused, as it works well when you have an increased blood flow down there; otherwise, every gynecological examination would be an unforgettable experience. With men, it is easier as their prostate gland is sensitive enough to feel good while gently stimulated even without full arousal. Men are able to come from the prostate stimulation even without their penis being fully aroused.
How to stimulate the G spot during sex? Read more and find out!

What are the best positions to hit the g spot during sexua intercourse?

G spot sex positions are multiple, and though you may use already known ones, it is possible to come up with your own through some experiments. The process is very exciting and pleasant, so don’t waste your time hesitating, and we will tell you where to start!

10 best positions to hit her G spot

  1.     Missionary
Old but gold, as they say.The classic position is good for hitting the front vaginal wall giving a woman the best experience. It is easy to slightly change the angle to find that exact spot that brings pleasure being hit. Some people find it the most boring position ever; nevertheless, it’s still popular.
  1.     Cowgirl
This position gives a woman the whole control. If she leans back a little and moves slowly to let the penis slide along her inner front vaginal wall, she might be able to find that perfect move that benefits the sensation. The interesting point when it comes to sex is that every penis is unique, and if it is arched back, you may try
  1.     Reverse cowgirl
Various anatomic differences influence the choice of the position for sex. If the man has a penis arched back, the reversed cowgirl position would be more beneficial for his female partner.
  1.     Big dipper
In this position, a woman lies on her side, and the man penetrates her standing on his knees with his penis pointed straight ahead. This position gives the male partner the ability to go really deep, and for some women, it might be the best option.
  1.     Gee-shell
This is another suitable position to stimulate the front vaginal wall. The woman raises her legs up with her ankles about to touch her shoulders while the man penetrates her with the penis pointed slightly up. This is one of the best positions for G spot stimulation, though it might require a certain level of flexibility.
  1.     The wheelbarrow
This is another position you need an appropriate physical shape to use. The man needs to lift the woman’s thighs up and perform the penetration holding her. This position gives a good approach to the area that needs stimulation.
  1.     Doggy style
A very much loved way of having sex for both men and women. There’s no need to describe the position, as it is very popular and well-known. We could have said this is the best position to stimulate the G spot, but this is not the only reason we love it. Somehow it works magic for both partners; that’s why it is so appreciated.
  1.     Reversed scoop
The usual spoon works well too, but this one gives you a more emotional touch, as you’re able to look each other in the eyes. The secret to hitting the G-spot in this position is to straighten your body and make shallow thrusts with the penis gliding smoothly along the front vaginal wall.
  1.     Snake position

Let your woman lie on her belly, straighten her legs, keeping them together, and lie on her back with your legs holding her thighs. This position gives you a very satisfying feeling of close contact, and the angle of penetration is suitable to hit the G-spot right.

  1. G-Whiz

With this position, where a woman puts her legs on her partner’s shoulders, and the man is standing on his knees, holding her thighs, you will be able to experience great sensations, keeping eye contact.

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to know how to hit G spot during sex. While we don’t even know for sure if it really exists, the enthusiastic research continues, and you may participate as well! The sexual positions we’ve described in this article provide you with a nice place to start your journey of finding that precious spot that could guarantee the ultimate pleasure. Though you may use the knowledge to masturbate better, knowing your way to orgasm with a partner is a significant improvement to your sex life.
Here, we’ve come to the point where one more important thing should be voiced. The main thing you should remember if you want to have a better sex life is that communication is very important. It’s not rocket science to have great sex with a partner who already knows your preferences and what arouses you the most. With a new partner, you should be able to speak about what you want out loud and not be ashamed of doing it.
In our times of the ultimate sexual freedom, speaking about our desires shouldn’t remain taboo, so don’t be afraid to claim your liking and have the best sex possible with every partner you find attractive. Knowing your body well helps you get better orgasms as well, so take your time to learn what ticks with you.
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What are the best positions to hit the g spot during sexua intercourse?
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