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First Time Sleeping with Another Woman: A Step-By-Step Guide

By: Sam Pirson , May 18, 2022
Lesbian sex causes a mixed reaction in society. Someone stands up for freedom of choice, others categorically condemn such relationships. But, if you have already decided everything for yourself, and now your sexual partner is a girl, then what things should you pay attention to before the first experience? Here are some basic first time lesbian sex tips to help you get involved.

What to Remember Before Lesbian Sex

The first sex is always very important and exciting. What do you need to know when you first experience with a girl, if you don’t want to be disappointed in same-sex love and get a negative traumatic experience? Here are top lesbian sex tips to feel you more comfortable as a beginner.

Not All Vaginas are the Same

Too often we think that other people are just like us. This is basically the case! However, minor details may differ. In addition, the appearance of the vagina may undergo age-related changes. After childbirth, it may sag a little, the labia may become larger.
For many unprepared women, the sight of another vagina can even be shocking. After all, mostly girls who had never had a lesbian relationship before could see the genitals of another woman only in films for adults. And the pictures there should not be trusted in terms of reliability.
Often in such films, actresses who have undergone intimate plastic surgery are filmed. Therefore, if you do not want to be disappointed when you are first time girl on girl, be prepared that her vagina may look different from yours and from those that you saw in porn movies.

You don't Have to be an Expert

Have you long dreamed of how to have lesbian sex for the first time, but don’t know how to do it right? Don’t be afraid, you don’t need to have expert knowledge in this business to please your partner. The main thing is to feel passion for your chosen one. Moreover, setting an orgasm as the goal of intimacy would be wrong.
During intercourse, you become closer to each other, open up from a new side, find new points of contact. In addition, our body initially “knows how” to make love, just like the body “learned” to eat. Therefore, do not focus on skills and experience, just do as your body tells you.

More Than Just Oral Sex

In heterosexual relationships, partners tend to focus more on penetration. Often, oral sex either just goes as foreplay or is used only by “gourmets”. In lesbian sex, oral caresses are on a special level, but this does not mean that only they are used. During intercourse, tongue caress can be combined with G-spot stimulation and finger penetration.
If cunnilingus causes some discomfort at the first time sex with a lesbian, try to close your eyes and relax without focusing your thoughts on the action. You can supplement oral caresses with fingering, but you should do this only after making sure that there is enough lubrication in the vagina.

Don't be Afraid to Ask for Advice

If you are very worried before the first experience, try talking to your partner. Perhaps she has several effective tricks that can calm and relieve unnecessary fears.
Don’t be afraid to ask for the first time lesbian sex advice. Today, there are hundreds of thematic forums on the Internet where experienced and not so experienced lesbians talk about their lives, give advice, help to cope with uncertainty and negative attitudes of society.

Start with Mutual Masturbation

One of the most obvious benefits of a lesbian relationship is your equality. There is no need to wait until the partner takes the first step, you can safely take the initiative. You do not need to lie humbly on your back, watching how a girl tries to please you, allow yourself to join an exciting game.
It is quite possible to give pleasure to another girl without a penis and a dildo, you just need to show your imagination. Start sex with mutual masturbation. Correct finger movements will not only help you relax and get unforgettable pleasure, but will also tell a lot about your body.
Such caresses will be a good prelude to oral first time with a lesbian, while they allow you not to feel constrained, as both partners will enjoy and be able to forget about nervousness and embarrassment.

Short Manicure

It is a cornerstone in many lesbian relationships. It is known that most women prefer elongated nails, many consider them a sign of sexuality and grooming. However, during first time with another girl, this feature can backfire.
Elongated nails often scratch the female genital organs, which is fraught with injury and infection. To avoid consequences, choose a short manicure. In addition, many girls note that with long nails it is quite difficult to appreciate the whole gamut of feelings while touching intimate places.

Sex Toys to Help You

Many lesbians do without the use of foreign objects in the vagina, but sometimes with them you can reveal the whole gamut of feelings and get new unusual sensations. You can use not only dildos, lesbians are especially fond of various kinds of vibrators, some of which are aimed at stimulating the clitoris.
Additionally, you can use anal toys, playsuits, as well as special dildos that can be used simultaneously by two partners.
But if this is your first time with a lesbian, then you should not immediately rush and buy the whole sex shop. At the initial stages, it is enough to simply limit yourself to your desire to deliver something pleasant to your partner.

Orgasm is not Guaranteed

Studies have shown that lesbians have orgasms more often than heterosexual women. However, no one can give 100% certainty that during sex with a girl you will experience an orgasm even using our tips for first time lesbian sex.
Women take longer than men to have an orgasm. Lesbians devote much more time to foreplay than the representatives of the stronger sex, this approach allows you to increase the total time of sex, and, therefore, increase the chances of getting an orgasm.
But focusing on orgasm during lesbian sex is not worth it. It is not the climax that is important here, but the process itself. Many women who first tried “pink caresses” agreed that such sex is much more multifaceted than heterosexual relationships.

Lesbian Sex is So Much More Than Penetration

As many people are ignorant on how to have lesbian sex, they believe that lesbian sex is boring and does not fully satisfy the desires of partners. This opinion is formed by people who cannot imagine making love without penetration. But only another girl who has exactly the same erogenous zones and knows what is needed to achieve orgasm can bring real pleasure to a girl.
For most women, penetration is not so much required during intimacy. They want a lot of caresses, proper preparation, clitoral stimulation and quality cunnilingus. Often, men are not able to feel what a partner needs to get an orgasm, focusing specifically on penetration. For this reason, every woman at least once imitated getting the highest pleasure.

Operate in the Center

While starting your first lesbian experiment, massage you girlfriend’s breasts or rather, the hollow that separates her. What for? The ancient Taoists believed that sternum massage increased a woman’s libido. Nowadays, there is a scientific explanation for this: massaging this area increases the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for relaxation, confidence and craving for intimacy.
Run your hand up and down the sternum before you begin to caress the chest itself. It is best to use the back of the hand as this will make you act more gently. Try to do this during cunnilingus so that she feels you better – and the climax will come faster.

Try Deeper

During sex, use deeper penetrations. What for? Usually, men move in small jerks during sex – when the penis comes halfway out of the vagina and is reintroduced there. It’s easier this way, but it doesn’t stimulate your clitoris and G-spot. Enter the artificial penis as deeply as possible and start rhythmically moving your pelvis, literally fidgeting. Your pubic bone will press against your partner’s clitoris, stimulating it, which will lead to her orgasm very soon. In this case, your stimulation will not be too strong and you will be able to prolong her pleasure.

Kisses, Kisses!

Kiss your partner during sex. Kissing is a direct road to orgasm. Start with light, teasing kisses, and during sex, move on to deeper ones. Rhythmic kisses will give your partner more pleasure and will keep her aroused.

Designate the Area of ​​Effect

Stimulate your partner’s clitoris. What for? Everyone knows that the clitoris is a miniature penis. Everyone saw its upper part – a kind of analogue of the head of the penis. But not everyone realizes that even deeper, under the skin, the base of the clitoris in the form of a tube is completely permeated with nerve endings. Find it. How? Imagine a clock face with a clitoris in the center. Moisten your fingers and place them on the dial – the tip of one on an imaginary number 9, the tip of the other on 3. Start a circular motion, pressing a little harder when the fingers are on 11 and 1. Women often use this movement when masturbating – so it is popular among lesbians. What’s good for them…

Final Thoughts

The first experience with a woman is exciting and unforgettable, but you should not focus on your complexes and expect the perfect scene from an adult movie from him. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the time spent with your partner. If you are really eager to experiment with your sexuality and sensations, G Spot Guide is what you need to get plenty of knowledge about some basic sexual techniques and Instabang will help you find a suitable partner for such experiments!

Do not limit your sexual desires! Try yourself as a lesbian to deepen your sexuality!
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