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How To Make a Sex Tape You’ll Want To Keep Watching

By: Melissa Miller , December 21, 2023

Porn is great and all, and there are plenty of genres available in order for viewers to never grow bored of it. Yet, sometimes it just doesn’t compare to the real thing – real sex. Why else do you think Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sex tape caused so much controversy and intrigue? They were real (famous) people having real sex. It was intimate and they had a connection.


What could be hotter than starring as the main character in your own home movie that you can revisit over and over again? With this guide full of tips for making a sex tape, you’ll know how to make a sex tape that’ll turn you both on.

First, what makes a good sex tape?


There isn’t any set rating scale to what makes a good homemade sex tape. The most important thing and absolute first order of business is that you and your partner are on the same page and that there is clear, enthusiastic alignment and consent about filming your intimate time. 


Secondly, it’s all about having fun, feeling pleasure and living out your fantasy or kinks on camera so you can watch it back. 


The priority is how you’re both feeling in that moment rather than the production quality or professionalism. Before you worry about how to make a good sex tape, you can practice your exhibitionism, letting go and seeing what you both want to see by having sex in front of a mirror from different angles and different positions first. Both you and your partner getting comfortable, and even turned on, watching yourself and each other will make the anticipation for making and later watching your home sex tape that much better. 


This is the difference between how to make a good sex tape that you want to revisit all the time and a forgettable one that collects (figurative) dust.

Perks of making a sex tape for your eyes only


Like other sexual acts, recording a homemade sex tape can be an expression of trust and intimacy. It’s another way to spice up your sex life and foster an evolving closeness by documenting a moment in time that you can revisit both together and on your own. 


Together, you can use your own sex tape to set the tone, get in the mood and as a part of foreplay. It’s great to also masturbate to solo or when you can’t physically be together. 


And, it can be a great asset for sexting. What better compliment is there than to send your partner a screencap of your home movie and tell them how it makes you feel and how turned on you are by it?

How to make a sex tape that turns you on


Making a sex tape is easy, but the key is making one that turns you on. Confidence is key and you need to do whatever you need to do for both you and your partner to love what you see in those video clips. This requires a bit of preparation so you can focus on the good stuff while you’re filming. 


Here’s the foundation of how to film a sex tape: 


  • Create guidelines or boundaries
  • Decide on your sex tape style
  • Decide what equipment you’ll use
  • Practice positions and angles 
  • Choose wardrobe and props
  • Take time to get in the mood
  • Don’t rush!

1. Create guidelines or boundaries

As amateurs, you should know that actual porn stars don’t just sit down and press play. There’s a loose plan to act as guidelines and ground rules. While yours may not be as in depth, you need to have this discussion before just agreeing to it and pressing record. 


Some questions you should ask yourself and discuss together include: 


  • What are our expectations or desires for making a sex tape? 
  • Are we trying new things on film or sticking to more routine parts of our sex life?
  • Are any positions or sex acts off limits?
  • When it’s finished where will it be kept? 
  • Are we both open to showing our faces on the sex tape or is it important to you that our faces don’t show?

2. Decide your sex tape style

Deciding on your sex tape style will guide you in how you want to shoot it. This will help plan how to make your own sex tape. 


Some questions to ask yourself include:


  • Is there a script and role playing or are we simply recording ourselves having sex?
  • Do we want to set up the camera or cameras and forget them or do we want close up and POVs we shoot ourselves to have multiple angles?
  • Will we edit it? 

3. Decide what equipment you’ll need

The equipment you’ll use depends on what your goal is for the end product of your sex tape. You need to consider what type of camera you’re recording with and the lighting you’re using to establish the style you’re looking for. Depending on this, you can use things you already own or choose to splurge on more expensive options.  

What’s the right camera to use?

Are you looking to end up with a highly quality production of a home video? A more grainy, older looking sex tape? Or maybe your cell phone camera is enough. 


If you already own a DSLR camera, that’s the best way to get the highest quality video without dropping a ton of cash. While the audio may be limited, DSLRs offer cinematic possibilities with interchangeable lenses, especially for a more sophisticated ambiance. 


A vintage video camera is an option if you’re looking for a specific look, but converting the video to a digital file seems like a hassle. This is also an option if you never want the video to be digital, but you also won’t be able to watch it often or easily. 


Everyone has a smartphone and this may be the easiest option. Plus, between both of your phones, you’ll have two angles of the same sex session. It’s convenient and has high-definition or 4K video capabilities. Make sure to test your lighting with your phones though. 


Whatever you decide to use, camera or iPhone, consider picking a tripod. You won’t always have a good place to prop the phone up in your room. There are solid tripods that content creators use for their phones on Amazon for under $20. 

Lighting considerations for sex tapes

Overhead lighting is the most unflattering light and should be avoided at all costs. Natural light on both sunny or overcast days are the easiest options, but if those aren’t working for the room you’re in, you have options and things to consider.


Lamps are your friends, and lamps with soft, warm bulbs are the priority. If you don’t have a dimmer, you can also throw a scarf over the lamp shade. Colored LED light strings or colored light bulbs are fun to set the mood too. Experiment with different colors when you’re having sex in the mirror to see what kind of lighting is the sexiest to you. 

4. Practice positions and angles

As we mentioned above, while you’re discussing your home sex tape over the course of a few days or weeks, make it a point to have plenty of sex in front of a mirror. 


Not only will this get you comfortable watching yourselves, you’ll be able to practice the positions and angles that are the hottest for each of you. You don’t want to record a super hot blow job and find her arm, hair or your leg is blocking the whole thing because you weren’t sure about the angle the camera should be set at. 


(It also won’t kill you to record a new one, but you get the point.) 

5. Choose wardrobe and props

Is this homemade sex tape an opportunity to play dress up and wear something different than normal for role playing? Will undressing be part of the video? Or perhaps you want to start au natural? If you’re choosing some sort of clothing, go with something that’s easy to remove and not too complicated. (You don’t want to lose balance or trip on camera!) 


Whatever each of you feel best in (or out of) is the way to go. 


Otherwise, you’ll want to be cognizant of your bed linens – if you’re doing it in bed. Intense prints may draw attention away from each of you. White or solid neutral colored sheets are the way to go. 


And lastly, will there be any toys, props or even extra pillows involved and where will they be? Will they be in view of the shot or off camera? In a bedside table? Do you need lube? Make sure extra pillows are available to prop up body parts but kept out of the way so not to interfere with the view. 

6. Take time to get into the mood & calm nerves

Plan to have some time before you start recording (and taking is slow once you do) to get in the mood. It’s totally normal to be nervous or a little self conscious. 


So what are some things you can do?


You can put together a playlist and set it to loop so it doesn’t disturb the flow of things. You can light candles or share a glass of wine. Consider kissing, laying together and maybe a sexy massage before you start the cameras to get more relaxed and a bit aroused beforehand. Focus on each other and forget that the recording is happening. 


Preparation is key here. You shouldn’t be worrying about how to make a sextape at this point as much as you should be mindful you and your partner are enjoying each other. 

7. Don’t rush, have fun

Keep in mind, porn stars are focusing on what looks good. 


One of the most important sex tape tips is you should both be focusing on what feels good while you’re recording a sex tape. Don’t get caught up in what you think it should look like. Enjoy the process of the new experience you’re sharing together and being the stars of your own sex film. Use the props. Slowly switch positions. 


Perform for your partner, not the camera. By focusing on each other and pleasure, your sex tape will have something porn doesn’t – it’s the real thing.

How to ask your partner about making a sex tape with you


First, you want to consider the openness in your relationship. If you’re in a situation where sex only happens in complete darkness and you never send nudes back and forth, we implore you to read the room. 


The best approach is to use “I” statements and share how you feel about them and your sex that makes you want to record a homemade sextape and watch it together. As an example, it can go something like, “I’d really like to be able to watch us having sex. You’re so hot and you turn me on so much while we’re doing it. I think being able to watch it together would be incredible.”


You should ask them what they think about it and leave plenty of room for them to share their concerns. Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with them either. This is a vulnerable and potentially trust-building conversation. Treat it as an ongoing conversation, because once you figure out if you’re aligned, there are plenty of discussions about planning, boundaries, pleasure and safety to be had.

Sex tape tips to protect your video from prying eyes


The last thing you want to happen is for your intimate video to end up online, in the wrong hands or with someone accidentally being able to see it! 


First, decide who’s keeping it – you, him/her, or do you both have copies? 


  • If it’s on your phone, keep it in a password protected folder, like iPhone’s “Hidden Folder.” 
  • Don’t upload it to any cloud service. 
  • If you’re storing it anywhere on your computer, encrypt it and don’t name it something super obvious. (It shouldn’t be called “SEXTAPE.MOV”.) 
  • If it’s on an external drive, password protect the folder it’s in. 


Take all of the precautions. Most importantly, once it’s complete, enjoy it! Watch it together! 


Talk about it. Text about it. Compliment your person’s starlet performance frequently. 

Now that you know how to make a sex tape, what if you don’t have a partner? To meet other singles you can eventually make sexy home videos with, sign up for

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