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Do’s And Don’t’s: How To Respond To Nudes While Sexting

By: Melissa Miller , August 21, 2023

One third of Americans have shared a nude nearly 75% of those that have share one a month according to a survey from OnePoll and Avast. Sexting is a way to keep things sexy and intimate even when you aren’t in the same room, and exchanging nudes can be a big part of that. 


However, nude images from a partner should be treated with care. Sharing a naked picture of themselves with you says they were feeling sexy and thought about you, and it displays a certain degree of trust. Trust plays a crucial role in sexting as it involves sharing vulnerable and sensitive words and images. For individuals to feel comfortable and secure in sharing such intimate aspects of themselves, they must have faith in their discretion and respect for their boundaries. 


When trust exists in a relationship, sexting can become a powerful way to express desires, deepen intimacy, and strengthen the emotional connection between partners. When responding to a sexy picture from a person you’re dating, it’s essential to be respectful, considerate, and mindful of their feelings and boundaries in addition to honoring yourself. This guide will give you the major do’s and don’t’s of how to respond to nudes from someone and ensure the nudes keep coming in.

How To Respond To A Nude

The main thing to keep in mind is however you choose to respond is to do so enthusiastically and in a timely manner. Before responding, take a moment to assess your own feelings. Look at the picture. How do you feel about it? What do you like about it? 


Ideally, there’s two parts to your response to a partner’s nude–your appreciation for them sending it and your actual response. This can be a combination of the below options.

Sending Compliments

You can compliment their attractiveness or let them know how much you enjoy seeing them in that way. Keep the compliments genuine and specific, so it doesn’t come across as insincere or objectifying.


You can tell them things like they look great, sexy, hot or soooo good! Or, you can give specific compliments to the energy they’re showing in the image like, “I love to see how sexy and confident you’re feeling.” 

Responding With How You Feel 

This is where you can have the most fun. Seemingly, you’ve established a degree of trust and mutual interest. How does that picture make you feel? Do you wish you could see them immediately? Does it turn you on? Make you horny? Does it make you want to tear all their clothes off to pleasure them? In what way? Tell them that! 

Emojis And Tapbacks 

If you don’t have a way with words, you can still show enthusiasm in your response to their nudes. The heart eyes emoji is a great option that’s safe and still exhibits how you’re feeling or you can turn the heat up with the drooling or sweating hot face emoji. Finally, you can always send the obvious eggplant or water splash emoji if you want things to be a little more X-rated. 


Apple iPhones also give you an array of TapBack options. This is a quick way to show appreciation and couple that with a compliment or expression of how you feel we mentioned above. Stick to the double exclamation point marks or the heart emoji to show you’re excited or you love the message.

Ways You Should Avoid Responding to Nude From Your Partner

The biggest thing you should avoid doing when you’ve received a nude picture from a partner is not responding. Whether or not you wanted it or are into it, you should always respond. And if you ever want to receive more, you cannot leave this person hanging. 

Never pressure your partner into sharing more content or engaging in activities they are not comfortable with. Consent is vital in any intimate interaction, and both parties should feel free to express their desires without feeling coerced.


You also should not criticize the person, their body or how the picture is taken. If you don’t like the picture, you need to ask yourself if you care about the person, their feelings and if you’d like to receive more. If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you need to respond with appreciation. And this goes for emojis and TapBacks – no negativity or cutting someone down.


If you don’t like the image, you can gently share what you’d like to see with a compliment affirming how you like to see them. It can look something like, “I want to see a picture of you like this. You always look so good like that.” Smiley faces and emojis can go a long way here.

What If You Don’t Want The Nudes

You may not want a nude pic from a partner for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s that you’re at work and would prefer it sent at a different time or you simply don’t want it, this is an opportunity to set a boundary. You still need to answer. Not responding to someone’s nude is not an option. 

Take a minute to figure out what it is you do or don’t want and then let them know. A good way to set this boundary looks like, “I appreciate you thinking of me like this, but I’d prefer you don’t send me nudes” or whatever it is you would prefer, appreciate or want. 


If you haven’t consented and don’t have this intimate rapport with someone, you should be much more direct and let them know you are not ok with receiving this type of content from them. Be clear you don’t want any more of it.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your response, remember that the conversation and content should remain private between you and your partner. Sharing or forwarding intimate content without their consent is a breach of trust and can have serious consequences in both the relationship and each of your lives.


Sexting and exchanging nudes is just an extension of intimacy with someone who can’t be in the same places as you. Keep it fun and flirty for both parties. 


Remember that every relationship is unique, and what works for one couple may not work for another. The key to responding to a sexy picture is to be respectful, communicate openly, and prioritize consent and comfort for both partners.

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