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First Time Sleeping with Another Woman: A Step-By-Step Guide

Lesbian sex causes a mixed reaction in society. Someone stands up for freedom of choice, others categorically condemn such relationships. But, if you have already decided everything for yourself, and now your sexual partner is a girl, then what things should you pay attention to before the first experience? Here are some basic first time lesbian sex tips to help you get involved.

Top Cunnilingus Tips, Techniques & Positions

Every man dreams of being the perfect lover. But not everyone knows about the intricacies of getting this title – about cunnilingus. As women say: “Cunnilingus is something transcendental.” In 2017, the Journal of Sex & Martime Therapy conducted a study in which 75% of women surveyed said that it was impossible for them to orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

Everything You Need to Know About the G Spot

Men and women differ in their perception of sex and have different needs in terms of sexual intercourse itself. Even more, the generalization would be a mistake as various people of any gender have various needs. For a very long time, female satisfaction and orgasm were more like mythical creatures, someone believed in, and others didn’t. Likely, we pay attention now and know that with a female body, things might be complicated. That’s why everybody was so excited when the G spot was introduced. Suddenly, everyone wants to know how to find the G spot, being sure it’s everything you need to make a woman experience orgasm.

How to Stimulate the G Spot + Best Positions

Want to know how to find the G spot to hit the right button for the best orgasms? Does every woman have it? Is it the 100% guarantee you’ll have stunning sex? Read more and find out!

Top 17 Sex Tips You Need To Know: Make Your Sexual Life Better

It is a fact that everybody wants a fulfilling sex life and maybe some tips on how to make sex feel better. The thrill and joy that come with it are mind-blowing. Sex can happen in many contexts. Some do it for pleasure, others for procreation and many other reasons.

What Men Can Do to Make Their Orgasms Even Better!

Do you feel performance anxiety? Or want to be one of the longer orgasm men? You are not alone! A 2019 study in France shows that 46% of men are obsessed with women’s orgasms during sex while 41% care about it strongly. Considering the amount of limelight that the lack of women satisfaction gets, feeling performance conscious is typical for men.