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FWB Pros and Cons: Is Friends With Benefits a Good Idea?

If you find yourself wanting to have sex with a friend, use this guide to figure out if becoming friends with benefits is a good idea.

Foolproof Sexting Guide: How to Sext for Naughty Fun

This guide will teach you how to sext and keep your sex life hot even when you aren’t together! 💦

How To Make a Sex Tape You’ll Want To Keep Watching

Have a taste for watching real sex? What about your own? This is a guide to help you learn how to make a sex take (safely) and talk about it with a partner.

Travel Dating: Using Dating Apps to Find Travel Hookups

In this guide, readers will learn how to use dating apps while on the road, about travel sex and tips on how to make the most of using dating apps to find travel hookups. ✈️

Ejaculation Etiquette: 5 Things To Avoid During & After Cumming

There are major do’s and don’t’s around cumming – ejaculation etiquette. This guide will walk you through the top five things to avoid doing when busting your nut and how to handle talking about it for the best results for everyone involved.

Prepare For Anal Sex: How To Ask For Anal & What Comes Next

Thinking about asking for anal? This guide will help you learn your desires, approach conversations with partners about anal sex, and how to prepare for the first time.

Am I Ready For A Threesome?

Wondering if you’re ready for a threesome? 🤔 Our guide will help you know the good, the bad, and what to ask yourself before considering one.

Do’s And Don’t’s: How To Respond To Nudes While Sexting

This is the ultimate guide of major do’s and don’t’s when sexting and responding to nude images. With it, you’ll have suggestions of the best ways to respond in order to get more nudes as well as how to set boundaries if you get a dirty picture you don’t want.

How to have casual, drama free sex

This would be a guide to keep relationships fun and casual without being standoffish or cold. It would allow the reader the understanding of how to actually define relationships built on casual sex for themselves, how to communicate it and keep it casual.

6 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

Attractiveness may have some to do with beauty, but it’s not simply about whether or not you have “good” genes and a symmetrical face. It’s about being pleasing to all of the senses – sight, sound, scent, taste and touch – and being confident. This guide will help you be more attractive and make it look effortless.